CCS Attend Sophos Partner Roadshow 2022

On Tuesday 17th May, the CCS Team attended the Sophos Partner Roadshow "Team Play at its Best" at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

The morning kicked off with an introduction from Chain Sale Director, Martyn Brownlie who gave an insightful overview to the current cybersecurity landscape, revealing industry and sector statistics and the rise of a challenging attack environment alongside the growing financial and operational burden ransomware places on its victims

As we continue to understand hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, ransomware isn’t going away and as a Cyber Security specialists it’s important to always keep abreast of the current climate and successfully use Sophos Technology to protect our clients. 

"A time has come in which you can no longer protect yourself by simply using technological means and measures. You need security specialists who continuously monitor the network and proactively search for suspicious behaviour."

The afternoon consisted of Tech sessions including interactive live hacking demos where the audience participated in which cyber attack route they wanted to take. This provided our Technology Team a true representation of a cyber attack role out.

“It was a fantastic day and such a great opportunity to meet the Sophos Team and our chosen distributor partner GIACOM. As a Sophos Silver Partner, we look forward to continuing to work with Sophos in order to provide our clients with the best cyber security technology and overall reduce cyber attacks.”

Daniel Forrester
Managing Director, CCS IT Solutions.