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About The Project

CCS IT Solutions Ltd are Profolk Stockport’s trusted IT partner. They were recently having issues with their network, as the connectivity was intermittently dropping out. After completing a thorough troubleshooting report, we identified the point of failure was the firewall and needed replacing as well as parts of the network reconfiguring.  

Profolk Co-working Space

The Process

Our recommendation was for them to install a WatchGuard Firewall into their system and link this with their existing Aruba central switches. One thing we highlighted on our troubleshooting report was the previous provider had configured one port for all the VLAN traffic. We identified this as a potential bottle neck and decided to have each VLAN with its own 1GB port on the firewall. This allowed us to troubleshoot any issues going forward in the event of any network outages or packet loss.  

Active services like Gateway Anti-Virus, Web Filtering, Intrusion Protection, Reputation Enable Defense and Network Discovery were enabled through the Watchguard Security suite. These are all excellent proactive monitoring and protection features that all networks can benefit from, especially co-working spaces due to the constant change of devices. This allows users to know when they visit this site they are working in a safe, secure environment.  

The Outcome  

Profolk now have a more robust, secure & stable network, which is proactively managed and supported using our intelligent monitoring tools. We are much happier with the overall outcome, which was easy to achieve as Profolk were happy to invest in technology when required, to make sure their tenants are happy.

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“CCS IT Solutions Ltd has been engaged as our outsourced IT support for approximately 14 years. They have successfully fully supported over the years the growth of our company both at our main head office and other new sites. We would not hesitate recommending CCS to other potential customers”

Jamie Hall

Director, Profolk


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