What's new in Microsoft : From enabling hybrid work to creating collaborative experiences

Now that hybrid work is just work, the challenge for organisations is to balance employee demands for flexibility with business needs. More than ever, today’s shifting macroeconomic environment requires maximising productivity while reducing costs. The digital imperative for every organisation is to deliver integrated technology solutions powered by data and AI to help employees work better and smarter.

To seize this opportunity, it’s important to understand the new patterns of work that are shaping the future:
  • Enabling hybrid work — helping people work flexibly across time and space, synchronously and asynchronously.
  • Bringing collaborative experiences into the flow of work — from data to workflows and business processes, across multiple roles and functions.
  • Creating the digital employee experience —connecting a dispersed workforce to each other and to the organisation.

Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams and Windows 11
Over the past year, Microsoft has introduced more than 450 new features in Microsoft Teams to help people work synchronously and asynchronously. From supporting hybrid meetings with features like Front Row and AI-powered Intelligent Cameras and Intelligent Speakers; to offering more dynamic presentations with tools like Cameo, PowerPoint Live, and Recording Studio, to supporting collaboration that transcends time and space with Microsoft Loop.

Excel Live
Excel Live lets people collaborate on workbooks in real-time in Teams meetings. With Excel Live, the Microsoft Teams meeting window itself becomes the canvas, so anyone in the meeting can jump in and edit a workbook right there, without ever leaving the meeting screen. This builds on the recent announcement of Live Share in Teams, which allows participants to collaborate in apps directly within the Teams meeting window. 


Collaborative Annotations
Allows all meeting participants to draw, type, and react on top of content shared in a meeting using the rich toolset of Microsoft Whiteboard.

Video Clip
A new feature in Teams chat that allows you to record, send, and view short videos. Capture your video and then deliver your message at the click of a button. Your recipient can play it back at their convenience.

Photo Credit: Microsoft.com

Team connect Shared Channels
Collaborate with people inside and outside of your organisation in one shared space where everyone can work, chat, meet, share, co-author files, and develop apps together.

Windows 11
The operating system built to empower hybrid work that delivers the best productivity and industry-leading security, and is also easy to manage.

Whether natively installed on modern hardware or delivered from the cloud using Windows 365 or Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows is at the core of enabling productivity and collaborative experiences.

Launched one year ago, Windows 365 enables employees to securely stream their full Windows experience from the Microsoft cloud to any device.

Efficiency is vital in any business and being able to create collaborate, and communicate seamlessly can help improve agility, productivity and performance.

As Microsoft continue to develop further solutions, one thing is at the forefront of their mind and that is giving business and employees across multiple roles and functions what they need to be more flexible and feel connected no matter where they are working.

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 This article was taken from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/ and the full article can be read here.