New Year. New IT Business Goals?

Does your business deserve an IT health check in 2023? IT Infrastructure is often considered an afterthought, but leaving your IT to run on its own can quickly turn into a business liability.

Now more than ever Cyber Crime continues to escalate as cybercriminals continue to be one step ahead with the latest measures in attacking organisations, small or large.

Small Organisation sVs Large Organisations

While large companies may make headlines, small and mid-sized businesses are being impacted just as badly. Some businesses assume they are less appealing for hackers due to the size of their organisation or follow an “it won’t happen to us” mentality. This is quite the opposite. Smaller businesses are in actual fact the easy pickings for hackers. The lack of protection due to ignorance or budget makes them more of an easier target.

Regardless of the size or type of organisation you work for, it’s important to understand why you might be vulnerable to cyberattacks and how to defend yourself. No business wants to stagnate, so without having the right IT systems in place, you could be limiting your company’s potential.

The impacts of Cyber Attacks can affect your business financially and legally, can affect your supply chain, and ultimately can affect your overall reputation.

A cyber health check will:

  • Quickly determine your overall cyber health and the likelihood that you may experience a successful cyber attack;
  • Identify weak spots and security holes that criminals might be targeting;
  • Understand the impact and cost on your business if your biggest risks materialise;
  • Find out what actions you should take to improve your cyber health;
  • Establish whether further investment is needed to address specific risks;
  • Have confidence in your security programme and the actions you are taking.

Embedding a Cyber Health Check is no longer a nice-to-have part of business, but is an essential role in everyday business operations.

Are you future ready?
Have you adopted an IT health check into your New Year Business resolutions? It is time to find out more with an IT infrastructure expert.

Consulting with an expert will help you determine what areas of your IT infrastructure are sound, what areas need a little help, and what areas need a full upgrade. It can also help you analyse what your business goals are and how your IT systems can be streamlined to support this.

Speak to one of our CCS IT Solutions experts today, who are on hand to provide you with advice and support.

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