Chevron Aircraft Maintenance

CCTV Installation  Chevron Aircraft Maintenance (Prestwick International Airport) 


About The Project

Chevron Aircraft Maintenance is based in a 65,000 square ft hangar outside Glasgow, Scotland, at Prestwick International Airport.  Accountability and incident recording are highly influential within this industry based on the nature of their activities. CCS IT Solutions Ltd were given the challenge to install several cameras through the B747 hangar making sure we captured everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This footage would then be used in the event of incidents in the day-to-day running of an Aircraft MRO.  


The Process

We conducted a site survey and worked alongside the managers to create a detailed plan where each camera would be installed. We analysed activity and ensured all areas were covered. We then internally planned out where each camera would be located and subsequently installed each camera based on our project plan. As an IT company, we didn’t just install the CCTV cameras and an on-premise DVR and leave the client with a brand-new system they had no experience with and were unable to use. We configured each camera to record through our cloud-hosted platform. We then configured the capturing of data to only record when there was activity or motion in the area. This avoids recording static data and makes finding incidents significantly quicker and more comfortable.   

The Outcome  

Chevron now has a fully covered CCTV system that is hosted, and all data is backed up and stored offsite. CCS IT Solutions Ltd also maintain and proactively check all uptime of the cameras in the event of network disruption or a camera going offline.  This also includes maintenance as sometimes the cameras become dirty or insects, specifically spiders, set up home on the screen.


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“CCS IT Solutions Ltd has been engaged as our outsourced IT support for approximately 14 years. They have successfully fully supported over the years the growth of our company both at our main head office and other new sites. We would not hesitate recommending CCS to other potential customers”

Julie Griffiths

Director, Chevron Technical Services


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