Laptops Needed for Schools

Education is a right that many of us probably took for granted while we were at school. Last year was tough for so many people, but as we step into 2021 and the challenges we have before us, it’s hard to comprehend what this recent lockdown must be like for some children. Not only are they unable to see their friends and family, but many are struggling to adapt to ‘school from home’ as everyone’s circumstances vary, and some children do not have access to computers outside of school.

At CCS IT Solutions Ltd, the recent appeals for laptops hit us hard. We know the wonders of accessibility from our devices more than anyone, and that’s why we want to help.

We’re launching a new initiative to gather as many devices as possible and share them with local schools in our community.

If you have an old laptop sitting in your loft or a laptop with a minor fault you’ve been waiting to recycle, please donate them to us. We will then run any necessary checks and get them up to speed, ready for use. These checks include a wipe of all data, which conforms to industry-standard regulations, for data protection purposes. If this is a concern, we can also provide destruction certificates for ease of mind.

Please contact us at if you have a device you would like to donate.

If you know of any schools or represent a school in need, we’d also love to hear from you!

Please contact Laura Forrester at if you are a school and have a shortage of devices for children, and we will assist with providing you with a machine based on the appeal.

Thank you, Daniel Forrester, Managing Director CCS IT Solutions Ltd