Hosted telephony is rapidly superseding traditional voice services for businesses. Cloud communication is the future of voice

Perfect for growing businesses who operate across multiple sites, hosted telephony is quick to deploy, cost-effective and will flex easily as your requirements change.

Operating under many different names, this technology means your PBX is hosted in the Cloud rather than on your business premises. The service is easy to manage, with a fixed monthly cost and no requirement for upfront CapEx investment.



  • One solution – no need for multiple PBXs
  • OPEX model – no upfront costs, our leasing model means the cost of the PBX is included in your monthly bill and equipment is kept up to date with no additional expenditure
  • Maintenance-free – your hosted PBX is looked after by M247 specialists
  • Cost savings – make free calls between your business sites, with reduced line rental and lower usage costs
  • Scalable and flexible – add and subtract features, functions and users as you need them
  • Future proofing – introduce new functionality as and when you require it
  • Multi-site and mobile workforce enablement – make and receive calls from any location
  • Agile working – enable employees to work from any location, whilst maintaining full visibility for call management
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity – re-route calls in emergency scenarios
  • Speed of deployment – a brand new deployment typically takes just five days*




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