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Our Work:

Sapphire Accounting, Bramhall

"The migration process from the old provider to CCS IT Solutions Ltd went better than expected. Since the move we have had excellent service, I would highly recommend them for business IT support and consultancy.”

Mark Connor,
Managing Director
Sapphire Accounting

About the Project

The objective of the project was to migrate all Sapphire Accounting’s IT services to CCS IT Solutions Ltd. Sapphire Accounting had a strong desire for growth and historically had an external ‘one-man-band’ IT company. This set up worked for them whilst they were smaller, but as the growth of the company increased, so did the need to safeguard the business’ IT infrastructure – from potential staff sickness, holidays or unexpected incidents. In addressing these issues, the decision was made to change IT Service Providers. As part of their requirements, Sapphire Accounting wanted an outsourced IT company that offers 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support. Furthermore, having a full team of IT Specialist based in Manchester to provide on-hand remote and onsite support.

The Process

Site Migration is the name given for any significant changes to a site. This includes changing the sites location, structure, platform, content or design. Involved in this process is the migration of data. Data Migrations is the process of selecting, preparing and extracting data to transfer it permanently to another server. Depending on the process, data and previous IT service provider, data migrations can prove challenging, especially as missing information requires specialist knowledge.


The Outcome

For Sapphire Accounting they wanted to migrate their sites data from a physical server to the cloud. Following our proposal, we agreed on the specification of the project and began the handover with the previous IT service providers who were very understanding and highly professional.

In the case of Sapphire Accounting, the data migration involved Microsoft Cloud Services including Office 365 and SharePoint. These products provide a safe and secure solution which can be managed remotely by CCS Solutions IT or Accounting Sapphire.

"Data can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the word with a secure connection.”

The Outcome

Now that Sapphire Accounting’s data has been fully migrated to Microsoft Cloud Services, the business can increase their:

– ACCESS: With data stories successfully on the cloud, data can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the word with a secure connection.

– SECURITY: Data for Sapphire Accounting and their clients is safeguarded against emergencies or disasters

– SCALABILITY: The new migration is far more flexible and cost effective. Using the cloud removes the need to purchase server hardware or licenses based on the projection of users.