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IT Support Services

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For SMEs, outsourcing your IT offers lots of advantages compared to internal employed technicians.

CCS IT Solutions Ltd has a team of technicians… Being able to tap into a team of experts with different skillsets is far more advantageous than one or two people.

Software Development

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CCS IT Solutions Ltd is teamed up with Serialberry. CCS IT Solutions Ltd and Serialberry share resources and work side by side to deliver bespoke applications and reporting solutions.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

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Backup redundancy shouldn’t mean using two solutions. The hybrid cloud architecture empowers you to manage both local and cloud-based backup and recovery in one solution all from the comfort of your office.


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CCS IT Solutions Ltd offers consultancy for our clients, this includes project planning, audits, due diligence and business analysis. Using technology to collaborate with your workforce and using automation tools to become more efficient, is very important and something CCS IT Solutions Ltd can help you with, please contact one of sales teams to discuss a review of your current system.

Cloud Services

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CCS IT Solutions Ltd offer a range of cloud services with Microsoft O365 and Azure being our focus as we are Microsoft Cloud Silver Partners. O365 offers a range of collaboration tools and services like Exchange Online and SharePoint. Azure hosting can support many platforms, CCS IT Solutions Ltd use Azure as its preferred platforms for App services, SQL, Linux, Dev Ops and many Microsoft and non-Microsoft based applications, servers and networking.

Cyber Security

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CCS IT Solutions Ltd use independent Pen testers to audit our sites annually, this way we receive constructive suggestions to tighten security. We then implement these changes; this reduces risk and as a result, minimises security breaches. We are also partnering with IT Governance to deliver Cyber Essentials and various other security tools.


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CCS IT Solutions Ltd have a great wealth of experience with telephony, this is due to the cross over with networking protocols, however, we are not experts. We, therefore, rely on partners and Reliance Networks are our trusted partner when dealing with Telephony. We have worked with them for many years and trust their experience in this area. We work very closely with them to deliver high end VoIP hosted and on-premise solutions for our clients.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

CCS IT Solutions Ltd take the hassle away from IT Support & Consultancy. With a wealth of experience and a wide range of industries we currently offer support to, CCS IT Solutions Ltd can help with your outsourcing IT requirements. 

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

At CCS IT Solutions Ltd we focus on the five IT Spheres, to Supply our clients, Secure their network, Maintain & Monitor up-time and then Support them going forward.  







What People Are Saying

Trans-Bridge Freight have been working with CCS IT Solutions Ltd for over 20 years, we have been through a number of upgrades and migrations with them in this time. They have always worked professionally with our internal staff and external clients. We would highly recommend them.

Brian Anderton

Director, Trans-Bridge Freight

The migration process from the old provider to CCS IT Solutions Ltd went better than expected. Since the move we have had excellent service, I would highly recommend them for business IT support and consultancy. 

Mark Connor

Managing Director, Sapphire Accounting Ltd

CCS IT Solutions Ltd has been engaged as our outsourced IT support for approximately 14 years. They have successfully fully supported over the years the growth of our company both at our main head office and other new sites. We would not hesitate recommending CCS to other potential customers.

Julie Griffiths

Director, Chevron Techinal Services

CCS IT Solutions Ltd have been providing NIC with IT support and services for over 15 years. In that time we have always received an excellent services. I would highly recommend them.

Sarah Costello

Director, Northern Insulation Contractors


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