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CCTV Cloud Solution

A fully managed cloud based CCTV service from implementation to proactive monitoring.


Proactive monitoring for your business

Full Service
CCTV Solution

We will implement and manage the system from start to finish, connecting your cameras to the cloud for fast and secure surveillance. You will no longer need to hold clumsy, outdated hardware such as DVR/NVR as all of your data is held in your own cloud server storage.

Fast and secure

Next Level Monitoring

We can apply alerts that will inform your device of any motion in the camera view. Our face recognition feature allows you to exclude certain members of staff if required, only notifying you of people that you do not recognise. Our system also intelligently analyses the amount of people in view of each camera and you can also choose to only monitor areas that need surveillance, saving you time to only see what is relevant to you.

Easily access
and manage
your CCTV systems

Easily access and manage your live and past sessions on your Android or iOS devices. Data is stored for up to to 30 days, however can be stored for longer at your request. You can even quickly download all of the available data. All of your CCTV Data will be held in a Central Cloud Service and administered by us within our EU Data Centres. We act and ensure compliance with the data protection act.

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