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Backup & Disaster Recovery

At CCS IT Solutions we can protect your physical and virtual machines
to make sure you business is safe and secure


Protect your business and ensure business continuity

Whats is a Disaster Recovery?

Disasters can strike a business at any moment. That moment when your systems go down is the wrong time to wonder what happens to your data. Therefore engaging in a IT Disaster Recovery Plan before hand, means your business will not be compromised.

Protect business-critical
applications and data

Ensure Business Continuity

Disruptions to your IT systems can lead to lost revenue, brand damage, customer interactions, employee productivity and halt business processes. At CCS IT Solutions we provide your business with the right disaster recovery plan for your business to enable rapid recovery and business continuity.

Improve business resiliency with the right IT technology and disaster
recovery plan

Protect your business

With the growth of cyber attacks, companies are moving from a traditional/manual recovery approach to an automated and software-defined resiliency approach. At CCS IT Solutions we use the most advanced technologies and best practices to help assess business risks, implement processes to protect business-critical applications and data.


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