CCS IT Solutions Ltd

Mission & Values

At CCS Solutions our vision is
“Supporting businesses to be cyber safe and compliant.”

Our Mission

CCS IT Solutions Ltd supply, secure, maintain, monitor and
support all your business needs.

Our Values


At CCS IT Solutions we deliver a strategic planning approach to your IT operations so we are led by foresight to improve control and reduce risk.


Using CCS IT Solutions means that you have the confidence that your IT infrastructure is secure and your business is safeguarded for you, your employees and your clients.


As a business, we offer open and honest communication to ensure loyalty and trust to our customers, as well as educating you along the way.


Our diverse team brings with them 80 years of collective industry experience and expertise providing efficiency and practical IT solutions designed to match your organisation’s size, needs and objectives.


At CCS IT Solutions we become an extension of your business, so that our values and expectation are aligned as one.


Keeping up with industry and technology trends means that your systems are always in line