Securing your organisation from anywhere

Remote working is here to stay... Since the pandemic many organisation are still adopting more flexible ways of working for the employees. At the same time, the resources people need to do their jobs are also in multiple locations.

Securing organisations where people and resources can be anywhere requires:

  • Secure connectivity, so users can access resources from any location: home, on-site, or in the office

  • Protection for the devices used to make those connections — desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets

  • Protection for the data and workloads that users need to access, whether they’re in the cloud or on your local network

  • Simple management, so IT teams can manage their distributed organisations from anywhere, without adding to their workload

CCS IT Solutions supports all these areas. Our Sophos Products allows us to offer a complete portfolio of next-gen security products packed with advanced protection capabilities.

Everything is controlled via a single, web-based security platform which slashes day-to-day admin overheads while enabling IT teams to manage their organisation’s security from anywhere.

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