Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

IT Support and Services: Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

In-house IT helpdesks, although generally a lot more familiar with a company’s IT system and setup, often require a hefty budget, especially for the maintenance. This would mean additional costs due to the hiring and training of IT experts, which can be too much to ask for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

For small businesses or SMEs, outsourcing business IT support and services is the more cost-effective option in comparison to having an entire team trained in handling various IT problems. This helps businesses focus on their respective niches instead of putting their efforts in fiddling with things that are outside of their field of expertise.

With that being said, here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy if you make a decision in switching or opting for an outsourced IT management:

  1. Improved Security

If your business doesn’t specialise in IT, chances are that your in-house team, most especially during the setup phase, will make a couple of security mistakes that can put any sensitive information of the business at risk.

A security breach often comes from unscrupulous hackers that make use of a mix of blackhat techniques like social engineering in order to steal confidential data. IT companies, fortunately, specialise and have dealt with various attacks from hackers, which means they are familiar with their tactics. It’s, therefore, faster and much more efficient to have an experienced IT team to deal with a company’s security issues.

  • Better Cost Management

With SMEs and startups attempting to make a cut on expenditures, having a consistent budget that’s allocated for IT support team through outsourcing becomes a more favourable option in comparison to the volatility of costs incurred from retaining an IT support team in-house. An in-house team often incurs quite an amount from equipment purchases to employee training, maintenance, and upgrades.

This makes it difficult for businesses to both track and to manage the finances as expenses would just keep on popping up, from servers that suddenly conk out to team members who quit. A surge in terms of expenditures can paralyse most businesses, not to mention bog down operations, most especially if the IT team fails to keep the operations of the company up and running.

Through outsourcing IT support, you can expect a more controlled and consistent monthly expense, which will only increase as the company grows. Of course, you will be able to rely on IT specialists to solve all IT-related problems much faster.

Whether due to flooding, fire, or cyberattack, business data is vulnerable. Most businesses aren’t equipped with the infrastructure to recover from disasters. In fact, a disaster can cause a business to halt its operations entirely.

While disaster may strike any minute, a business will be able to get back on its feet faster if it employs the help of IT specialists who are experienced and skilled in dealing with disaster backup and recovery. Of course, you need to make sure that the IT team you outsource IT-related tasks to is knowledgeable in this aspect.

  • Focus on a Unique Selling Proposition

One of the many reasons why lots of companies fail is they don’t have what is called USP or Unique Selling Proposition, which is what separates a business from its competitors, regardless of whether it’s being one of its kind or offering the lowest deals or prices.

In today’s business world where the survival of a company is contingent on its relevance, a business has to keep on finding brand new ways to grow or innovate or else it will eventually perish for becoming redundant. That being said, a company has to focus on constantly developing its USP, as well as delegate any unrelated, time-consuming tasks to businesses that are specifically created for them.

With outsourced IT support, you no longer have to dedicate company resources in maintaining an effective team. Rather than wasting time in trying to figure out as to why the technology that your company needs doesn’t work in the way it should, let other companies that have spent decades of training in providing IT solutions do it for your business.

This way, you will be able to focus on the aspects that truly matter, catering to the needs of customers, and doing better than your competitors.

  • Comprehensive IT Solutions

Imagine if you’d just learned to add numbers, then suddenly, you are asked to multiply, subtract, or divide, which is a problem that you have never encountered before. As you can imagine, it takes a tremendous amount of time for you to solve this.

For that exact reason, enlisting the help of an experienced team of IT specialists should be included in your core business strategy. Reputable IT companies have already dealt with and solved a broad range of tasks that are IT-related.

This combined with their wealth of experience working in the field makes it possible for the team to locate problems faster and help get your business up and running quicker than you are most likely going to if you solve issues on your own.

  • More Available Resources

When owning an SME or startup, it’s almost impossible to afford to waste not just money but also time in handling an IT-related problem while competitors are busy winning over customers, developing their products and formulating innovative online and offline marketing strategies.

With outsourced business IT support and services, you’ll be able to free up company resources and focus on product development, customer experience, and marketing.

It can seem daunting to make the smallest changes, especially if you’re just starting up or you don’t feel the need for fixing a working system. However, you need to remember that growth requires change.

Nokia is one of the many companies that have learned this: never pass up on opportunities to learn, opportunities to make it huge, and opportunities to change.

Outsourced IT support and services can offer the change and opportunity in freeing up valuable internal resources so you’ll focus on uncovering new opportunities and ultimately staying relevant.

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