Why is it important for MSPs to have trusted providers?

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Why is it important for MSP’s to have trusted providers? This is a question that most MSP’s probably already know the answer to. However, having things in place to accommodate the question is another story.  

Any MSP knows that there are five key areas any SME will require assistance with, ‘Support’, ‘Development’, ‘Telephony’, ‘Digital Marketing (SEO)’ and ‘Security’. It has taken me 18 years to develop these relationships with key partners. As a company we finally have the right people associated with us to ensure our clients receive the best services and support in these areas. More importantly, having these areas looked after efficiently creates less stress for us, as we know things are being dealt with correctly and not having a negative impact on you as it comes under the ‘IT’ scope. 

We recently had an issue with a client where the owner had an issue with his phone, with it being an IP phone it came under the ‘IT’ scope. This took longer to resolve than necessary due to the telephony company firstly telling the client it wasn’t their issue and the client needed to contact the IT company (us), rather than contacting us themselves. We investigated as much as possible and provided helpful recommendations, all of which should have been their standard procedure without our input. It took them three days to complete diagnostics which isolated the issue and they eventually resolved things.  

All of this could have been avoided had the telephony company contacted us directly when the issue was first reported. This is normal protocol for our trusted provider Reliance Networks

Working together and not against is our priority. 

To summarise, we now have trusted providers for all of the above services. We have peace of mind that if we forward responses, they will perform to the satisfaction levels we expect. Therefore, we will encounter fewer issues as a consequence. Sometimes there is a misconstruction where people think it’s about financial kickbacks, this isn’t the case. Our main aim is for our clients to have excellent delivery of services, for good value. This includes the support and customer service during and afterwards to prevent a blame situation arising for situations that are not our wholly our responsibility.  

Our Trusted Providers consist of Serial Berry for development, Reliance Networks for Telephony, and WSEO for digital marketing and website creation.  

Please visit our website for more information https://ccsitsolutions.com 

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