The Four Point Check: Identifying IT Support and Services Providing Value

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Does IT Business Support and Services add value to your business? 

Do you value your IT support? Are you paying too much? Have you got the best IT set-up? 

Modern and emerging technology has revolutionised business and the modern work place. Creating new ways for us to interact, engage and work.  Yet, as the spoils of choice increase, many business owners, directors, and managers find it challenging to navigate their way through a market which is dynamic, diverse and developing.   

Deciding to operate IT business support internally or externally is just one of hundreds of decisions which must be made for a business’ IT set up. Often a business requires a tailored package of different products and service to best fulfil its needs and specifications. Unfortunately, with so many different options there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to finding the best IT set up. As a result, there are rarely two providers who have identical solutions or pricing structures.  To help others identify the value of in a business’ current IT set-up CCS IT Solutions has identified the following four point check: 


The individual or team responsible for a business’ IT must regularly update their skills of hardware, software, programmes and applications to mirror the developments of the market. These skills can be developed through a formal education or training, personal pursuits and hobbies, professional development training, or employment. Furthermore, those managing your business’ IT support must be competent and clear at communicating issues, ideas and solutions.    

Experience and Knowledge  

Those responsible for a business’ IT needs to have appropriate knowledge of the business’ IT requirements considering:  security, back up, networking, telephony, software, databases and applications amongst other aspects. They need to be proactive in updating their knowledge.  

Software, Hardware and Products  

Today’s IT overheads include supportcyber securitydisaster recovery and backuptelecommunications and even connectivity  The cost for a business is apparent but essential, however if IT is not managed properly it can easily incur greater costs than necessary. Understanding the different products and alternatives available to the market essential for a cost effective set up.  

Competency and Communication 

For those managing IT Support, they must be competent in IT set-up in terms of functionality, efficiency and security. They need to have a clear understanding of the business’ needs and how they translate to IT support, services and products. Finally, they need to be able to proactively communicate these ideas to other staff within a business in a way that simple and clear.  Likewise, staff of a business require a standardised process for flagging and tracking IT issues.  A clear process with a transparent policy, such as a ticketing system, provides all staff with a clear method to raise IT issues and identify a solution. 

As with any business operation, scheduled reviews and analysis of IT should be part of normal operating procedures. Carrying out regular reviews will help safeguard a business by identifying areas of risk, inefficiency or improvement. CCS IT Solutions Ltd offer an ‘IT Analysis and Review’ to check the set-up and efficiency of a business’ IT. This is a service we offer to new customers and automatically scheduled for our current customers.  

Time for a change? 

Having considered the above four points, do you think your business’ IT support and service is providing you with the best value?  Are there any areas for improvement?  Could you be receiving more for the price you pay? 

Want to learn more?  

CCS IT Solution Ltd’s Team has been supporting businesses with IT services in Manchester and across the UK for over twenty years. Our service focuses on providing secure, efficient and cost-effective IT solutions to support business operations.  

If you would like to discuss the topics covered in this article or any alternative issue relating to IT Support, please get in touch with our team today: 

T:            0161 428 2088 



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