A Moment of Reflection: Business of Technology – CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference 2018

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Earlier this month, CCS IT Solution attended the annual CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference 2018. The two-day event is designed to provide the IT Industry with the latest insight and developments through an impressive selection of keynote speakers and workshops. An opportunity not to be missed, CCS IT Solutions’ Daniel and Laura attended the second day with the aim of learning some practical takeaways and to network with other industry leading professionals.   The day was kicked off by Todd Thibpdeaux, CompTIA’s President and CEO, with an interesting discussion on the growing number of tech roles. With a staggering 200,000 jobs emerging in the industry by 2020 the demand for IT professionals and services continues to grow. However, many young professionals looking to enter the IT Industry are misconstrued into believing they need a higher qualification in Maths or Science. Some of the top skills for an IT role are Communication, Organisation and Leadership. Todd openly encouraged those considering University to put down the application forms and instead focus on developing their existing skills.  IT Support positions are becoming increasingly easier to attain through a demonstration of willingness and dedication to learning practical skills. Technology is always around us and without realising it we already have the initial knowledge and understanding to start a career in the industry.  The second talk, by Margot James, MP, Minister of State for DCMS, provided an interesting look at how the Government is harnessing the benefit of digital in both our economy and society. An essential part of this will be to utilise the relationships between industry, businesses, and government.   A panel talk on ‘The Impact on Emerging Technologies on Security’ raised the increasing concerns we all face. As always, Cyber Security is always a point of interest and worthy of discussion. Although very few people would consider themselves 100% up to date with current IT Governance it is important to take actions to be as clos as possible.  Some of the best Microsoft Service Providers (MSP’s) are the ones who stay up to date and listen to the experience of others.  Ian Vickers (MD, METCloud) and Scott Barlow (VP, Global MSP Sophos Inc) shared their insightful involvement with this topic by covering various aspects including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Their talk was excellent for all the in attendance and was followed by a brilliant Q&A.   The day ended with Monty Halls, a Broadcaster and Adventurer, a Marine, and Film Producer, who presented on Redefining Limits – Maintaining World Class Performance in a Changing Landscape.  In the talk, he spoke of the vulnerabilities and potential risks of modern technologies. He also reminded us all that fear is the limit we place on ourselves and that greatness can be achieved in all shapes, sizes and ventures.   We left the conference feeling inspired, informed and prepared to continue supporting our clients with the latest IT Industry knowledge and expertise.  Despite the many risk and threats that new technologies pose; with the right IT infrastructure and security measures these risks can be minimised and the benefits of these technologies can be embraced.   CCS IT Solutions’ Team has been supporting businesses with IT services in Manchester and across the UK for over twenty years. Our service focuses on providing secure, efficient and cost-effective IT solutions to support business operations.  If you would like to discuss how we can help you, any of the points mentioned above or another issue relating to IT Support, please get in touch with our team today:  T:            0161 428 2088  E:            info@ccsitsolutions.com  W:          https://www.ccsitsolutions.com/  To find more on CompTIA visit:   ttps://myemeacon.zerista.com/ [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

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