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GT Export

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Director GT Export

About the Project

GT Export are a 24/7 European haulage company based in Leight and Plymouth, UK. With no IT department and the rise of non-compliance IT Systems preventing companies from working with other companies, GT Export got in touch with CCS IT Solutions to help.

The Process

Our process began by delivering an IT Health audit which included the following:

  • Third-Party IT systems
  • Business Continuity Processes
  • Business Systems Protection
  • User controls and visibility
  • Server Security

From this, an IT Strategy of works was initiated and rolled out. This began by integrating Office 365 and migrating their files from dropbox to SharePoint as well as migrating them form a basic email system to Microsoft Exchange online.

We also encrypted all devices and removed any admin rights that once existed. We also removed any data theft opportunitues and locked all USB desvices.


The Outcome

The benefits of the processes that have been put in places has allowed GT Exoprt to have a more streamlined flow of information and cloud storage, that can be securely assessed by multiple devices.

In addition they also have a better understanding and visiablity of their network and education in