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Trans-Bridge Freight Services Relocation

“Trans-Bridge Freight have been dealing with CCS IT Solutions Ltd for over 25 years, we have been through a number of upgrades and migrations with them in this time. They have always worked professionally with our internal staff and external clients. We would highly recommend them. ”

Brian Anderton
Director, Trans-Bridge Freight

About Trans-Bridge Freight

Trans-Bridge Freight Services Ltd is a logistics company providing daily services from the UK and Europe to Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland and Offshore Islands such as Isle Of Man, Channel Islands and Isle Of Wight. Established in 1991 they have grown to become one of the UK’s leading established logistics providers to numerous blue-chip companies across a wide range of Industry Sectors, with particular expertise in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical market. Due to growth and expansion, Trans-Bridge Freight Services has recently relocated from its 1.38 Acre site in Middleton to new and much larger site of 5.5 Acres in Chadderton.

Project Overview

CCS IT Solutions have been supporting Trans-bridge Freight for over 25 years with their IT Support and consultancy, and therefore were appointed to design and implement their new network which included the migration of their existing IT Infrastructure and installation of new hardware.

As TFS explain, “Technology plays a key part of our corporate strategy and bespoke IT Systems” Therefore having the right IT management in place is essential for business success.

Process & Services

With the new site being a blank canvas, we were able to design and implement the whole infrastructure from start to finish.

Works began with the design of the network and plan to create VLAN segregation for each service. The benefit of this meant their IoT devices an VoIP telephones have enhanced network efficiency without the impact to other servers of client workstations. Multiple VLANs were also established via Sophos firewall and multiple switches within their new range.

As this is a large site complete network coverage was essential for the client, both indoor and outdoor and therefore access points were installed across this 5.5-acre site via Sophos’s WIFI floor plan designer with Sophos Central. This enabling us to map out the access points on a scale drawing in advance to ensure a smooth project delivery.

Project Summary:
Network Design
Project Management & Installation
Sophos XGS2100 Firewall
3 x 48 Port and 3 x 24 Port Sophos switches – linked with a 10G backbone
2 x outdoor APX 320X
5 x indoor APX 320
Network configuration (segregated VLANS for specific devices)


There are numerous benefits in implementing the full ecosystem stack of technology for our clients. With the rise of cyber-attacks, security and data protection being a key concern for any organisation these days, security was a key focus for Transbridge Freight Services. In this case for TFS their firewall and switches are now visible through one web console (Sophos Central) giving them the ability to much more control and management of their network an access rights. Having a Sophos Synchronised Security Heartbeat monitoring all endpoints for both servers and devices also means any vulnerabilities are recognised and controlled by their onsite firewall, protecting all network devices and ringfencing that affected device before it impacts any other device on the network. As an MSSP, this technology is instrumental and at the forefront in preventing and resolving cyber-attacks and incidents.

"It’s always great when your long-standing clients understand the importance of investing in their infrastructure and security. As Sophos Silver Partners, it was fantastic to install their products across the board. With a synchronised heartbeat to all endpoints, this ecosystem of products works seamlessly together."

CCS IT Solutions

The Outcome

CCS IT Solutions ensured the Project was delivered on time before Trans-bridge moved into its new premises at the beginning of May 2022. Trans-Bridge Freight now has a fully functional ecosystem of devices that are constantly working hand in hand with all internal endpoints and a fully protected system that Sophos’s Xtream Protection is proactively safeguarding their network against external threats 100% of the time.

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