Understanding the difference between an MSP & an MSSP

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According to a report by DCMS, three in five (58%) businesses have sought information, advice or guidance on the cybersecurity threats facing their organisations over the past year. The remaining two fifths, of potential clients, suppliers and service providers, appear to have gone a year without seeking additional information or guidance on how to maintain their cyber security.  

As part of CCS IT Solutions service, we hope to educate and assist our clients through navigating the complex landscape of IT. In the following blog we explore how Managed Service Providers (MSP) are evolving to provide a focused security service and emerging Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).  

Do you need in house or external IT Support? 

For many SMEs, the inclusion of an in-house IT department is beyond budget. Yet, as evident below, the reliance upon email, website and internet banking is too critical to be overlooked. As such, many SMEs are seeking the assistance of external IT Support Services, or MSP (Managed Service Providers). These external IT Support Services provide businesses with remote monitoring and management (RMM) of infrastructure and end-user systems. These services usually include a combination of support ticketing systems, proactive monitoring of a clients’ systems and several security services.  



CCS IT Solutions provides such services, and with over twenty years in the industry, our team has supported hundreds of organisations with IT support and services. One thing we urge our clients and others to understand, is that the technology landscape is constantly evolving, and new threats are always emerging.  

With an alarming 66% of cyber-attacks now focused on SMEs, as reported by DCMS, smaller business must now place greater consideration on how to proactively safeguard their business. These attacks are becoming increasingly creative and effective at finding new ways to access sensitive information and exploit businesses.  

MSPs and MSSPs 

In line with developing threats, numerous MSPs’ have developed their services to be specialist and focused on security. The specialism has transitioned these MSP into Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).  

MSSPs tend to supplement in-house capabilities of a business’ IT department by providing a security specified service. This service often includes regular audits, regular virus and malware scans, hardware and firewall installation, spam blocking and vulnerability and penetration testing.  

What is CCS IT Solutions? 

In the last year, CCS IT Solutions has been working on developing our offering to become an MSSP. As part of this transition process, we have attended conferences and training with CompTIA, the industry-leading tech association. In the next year, we will have developed a comprehensive service offering to provide MSSP to any businesses. We are confident and proud of our progress in the last year and eagerly look forward to continuing developing and increasing our service offering.  

To find out how we can help safeguard your business against the cyber security threats reach out to one our team today by calling: 0161 428 2088 or requesting a call back using the button bellow.  

Want to learn more? 

CCS IT Solutions’ Team has been supporting businesses with IT services in Manchester and across the UK for over twenty years. Our service focuses on providing secure, efficient and cost-effective IT solutions to support business operations.  

If you would like to discuss the topics covered in this article or any alternative issue relating to IT Support, please get in touch with our team today: 

T: 0161 428 2088 

E: info@ccsitsolutions.com 

W: https://www.ccsitsolutions.com/ 


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