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Does your business use a Managed Service Provider? Or do you have an internal IT department? Or maybe you need help assessing how to get more from your current set up?

For businesses of all sizes, purchasing and maintaining technology and IT services has become a costly affair and one which must be handled carefully. Deciding how best to manage a business IT requires a consideration of the business current operations and needs. In a previous blog CCS IT Solutions Ltd covered the importance of skills, experience, knowledge, software, hardware, products, competency and communication. However, we understand not all businesses need or want to completely change their current IT set up to achieve the desired level of competency in these areas. For those businesses, CCS IT Solutions wanted to show how we could support them to gain more from their current IT:

Internal IT Support

According to Stastica, employment in the IT, software and computer services economy has increased each year on year and totalled around 712,000 employees in 2017. For businesses, identifying the talent, skills and expertise of individuals in the field is highly challenging and can be consuming of resources.

If the decision is made to recruit an in-house IT technician positions, then CCS IT Solutions Ltd can help navigate the
recruitment process, provide candidates and support the onboarding process.

We can also up-skill any current IT staff or department by providing our specialist training in areas such as Governance Training, Safety, Data Protection.

Find out more:

External / Outsourced IT:

Several businesses already use the services of an external IT business support or Managed Service Provider (MSP). However, they may need additional support, specialist knowledge, or desire a better quality of service.

Furthermore, the evolving market and emerging technologies present constant changes, alternative solutions and new risks. Coupled with a free market, Managed Service Providers no longer offer one simple one price tag per set up or service.

Instead, the market is comprised of all between bespoke solutions to standardised or individual products and services.  As a result, businesses must consider the value of their support without a suitable comparison to other options available.

How CCS IT Solutions Ltd Can help?

For either of these options, CCS IT Solutions Ltd has the expertise at hand to maximize your business’ potential

IT Solutions Ltd offer a complete ‘IT set up analysis and review’ which assess the current IT services and support of a business. Following the review, our specialist team will present our findings and provide practical recommendations to implement.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to discuss the topics covered in this article or any alternative issue relating to IT Support, please get in touch with our team today:

T:            0161 428 2088



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